Finding Relief Is Possible.

Molly bowman, MS, LPC

Counseling Therapist for individuals and couples

You have more strength than you know.

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Counseling Can Help.

Feeling stuck can be painful, no matter the cause.

If you feel stuck for long enough, frustration, self-doubt, and self-criticism can make it feel impossible to find the skills and motivation to conquer your difficult challenges by yourself, and too scary to ask those you know for support.

In our sessions together, we will cultivate a real relationship where you can feel safe even when vulnerable, comforted in your struggles, and encouraged as you are guided toward the resources you need to feel more grounded in the world, no matter what your starting point may be.

We will tailor our work toward your specific concerns and help you heal the unique patterns you are struggling with, whatever they are. The challenge of facing these difficulties may seem overwhelming, but I invite you to feel empowered by the opportunity to find a more comfortable, healthy footing in the world.

  • Anxiety

    Feeling overwhelmingly fearful or nervous, or trying to cope with frightening experiences that are difficult to forget

  • Depression

    Feelings of sadness, hopelessness or despair, or lacking motivation to move forward

  • Emotions

    Difficulty controlling or experiencing emotions, including sadness, anger, or grief

  • Relationships

    Frustration and feeling stuck in your personal relationships or family dynamics

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