Counseling Style

I work relationally, using the client-therapist relationship, your story, and my genuine trust in your own pull toward health to help you find pathways out of difficult patterns and situations. You know yourself better than anyone else, and my job is to help you generate curiosity and clarity about your own personal processes so that you can make conscious choices about your next steps in life. This usually looks like an informal, friendly conversation about hard things. I don’t often use specific assessments or take written notes during a session. Instead, I prioritize being as present and available as possible to see and hear what you are sharing.

The Counseling Experience

Entering counseling can be both frightening and full of relief. My goal as your counselor is to provide support and guidance as you build skills to face difficult roadblocks that might otherwise seem impossible to tackle. These roadblocks can take many forms – feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, interpersonal conflict, self-doubt, shame or guilt. I strongly believe that each individual has an innate capacity to move toward health and wellness, and will strive to help you uncover yours.

Depending on your needs, my methods may include humanistic, strength-based, cognitive-behavioral, existential and emotion-focused techniques to help illuminate patterns of behavior and experience in your life. Once those patterns are understood, it can be much easier to make a decision about whether to continue as before or purposefully move in a new direction –  a choice that only you can make.

Self-awareness and self-acceptance are goals that sometimes take a long time to achieve. While some may only need a few counseling sessions to resolve key concerns, others may find that they would like to continue working through months or years of counseling. Clients are in complete control and may end our counseling relationship at any point. If counseling is successful, you should feel that you are ready to face life’s challenges from a place of wholeness and solid grounding.

Contact me to set up an initial consultation to see if my therapeutic style is the right fit for you.

A Note About Confidentiality:

Our work together is confidential. What you choose to discuss with me is private and protected by federal and state laws. Except under unusual circumstances as required by law, I will not share anything we talk about with others unless I have your written permission to do so. I keep brief, confidential records of our sessions for my own purposes and you have the right to view those records at any time. You also have the right to discuss anything I have written. These records cannot be shown to anyone without your permission (with the mentioned legal exceptions – please contact me if you have further questions about this).