The Social Media Effect: Our brains on social media

How often have you half-consciously opened Facebook just to scroll mindlessly through your feed? How often do you pick up your phone first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and end up losing more time than planned, following the rabbit trail of text exchanges or notifications, coming out the other side feeling[…]

6 Reasons Why Therapy Doesn’t Suck.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was pretty terrified of seeing a counselor once upon a time, even though I knew I wanted to be one. Relationship stress didn’t convince me.┬áPanic attacks didn’t convince me. Processing difficult experiences by myself didn’t convince me. I squeaked by with the help of mentors and a compassionate[…]

The Intersection of Depression and Comedy

Sometimes it seems like a cliche that so many comedians are incredibly self-deprecating (see: Mitch Hedburg, Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, for example). For a punchline to be hilarious, a comedian almost has to shock the audience with the level of sad truth that they communicate. There are Ted Talks about depressed comedians, scholarly papers looking[…]